We are looking for an engineer to build highly concurrent and scalable database security software, and implement an advanced search, analytics and forensics platform.


  • Experience in building enterprise grade network security products (firewalls, sniffers)
  • Experience with network packet analyzers (Wireshark) and network segmentation approaches
  • Experience in building authentication (IAM, SSL, PKI) and authorization (RBAC, behavioral whitelisting) systems
  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

Preferred Experience

  • Deep understanding of cloud security fundamentals (Virtual Private Cloud, shared responsibility model)
  • Experience with Linux security (iptables, BPF)
  • Experience building network search and analytics products
  • Early stage startup experience preferred


  • Build a robust authentication and authorization system for data security
  • Implement fast and efficient policy enforcement mechanisms for data accesses
  • Implement highly concurrent, scalable and HA service components